Two physical spaces — one to be curated in Zurich, the other in Hong Kong — form the basis for creative collaboration and exchange.

Connecting Spaces brings together two otherwise separate spaces, each based in a concrete locality. This particular spatial constellation serves to establish and test different artistic and educational settings. It also allows project groups and ventures to exchange ideas across geographical and cultural boundaries.

The spaces are tools for producing questions related to local urban realities and their corresponding local creative scenes. They are also stages on which the affiliated projects can explore such questions and interrelate with one another.

Space Hong Kong

Connecting Space Hong Kong was located in North Point and was in operation until 2018. Curated by Nuria Krämer and operated by Bootes Ltd.



Space Zürich

Connecting Space Zürich is not a fixed physical space but a mobile space. In 2014 it was located in Museum Bären gasse and from 2015 onwards it has been occupying different spaces inside of the Zurich University of the Arts campus in Toni Areal.

ZHdK campus