Dialogue with Chloë Cheuk and Samson Cheung

7 March 2015
Artists Talk


Date: 7 March 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong (Directions)

Artists Chloë Cheuk and Samson Cheung are curious about what sound can do. In the past year or so, they have been working with and examining sounds in different ways. They have succeeded and failed, and have tried again. Before leaving for their one-month residencies in Chicago and Zurich in April, they are going to tell us what they have discovered about themselves and the art of sound in the upcoming DIALOGUE.

This DIALOGUE is part of soundpocket’s Artist Support Program.

《有偈傾》 – 藝術家卓思潁與張才生

藝術家卓思潁及張才生皆對聲音所能做到的深感好奇,在過去一年多,他們以不同方式進行各項聲音實驗,經歷成功與失敗過後又不斷再嘗試。卓思潁及張才生將於今年四至五月間,分別到蘇黎世及芝加哥開展為期一個月的海外駐留;出發在即,他們將於《有偈傾》中分享他們 對 自我和聲音的藝術有何發現。