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The Munich Biennial for New Music Theatre has invented a system of platforms – a new and original model for commissioning works for their festival. The platforms will strengthen and promote scenic and music projects based on a music theatre concept that is open, versatile, site-specific, and reflects the community. Who transcend boundaries and bring together artists from different fields, and who last but not least in this way initiate a discussion on music theatre; within this discussion new questions concerning the interrelationships of composition, production, narration, authorship, and performance venue will constantly be posed. Through this type of search process, the platform wants to develop common concepts in an immediate and productive exchange with young composers, theatre makers, authors, musicians, spatial artists, architects, and video artists, and by doing so generate content for the Biennale 2018 and possibly for other venues in Hong Kong, Zurich and Cologne.

The participating artists are from different disciplines – set designers, authors, directors, video artists, performers, etc. The idea is to gather creatives of different talents to contemplate certain themes and questions, get to know one another and each other’s works, and in the end form work teams, which will pursue together their respective projects over the course of the following months and years. The intentions are that several of the projects (at least one of them) conceived in the platform will be further developed and then produced for the Munich Biennale 2018, with further opportunities to stage them in Hong Kong, Zurich and Cologne. The Platforms are conceived as an essential provider of impulses for the Munich Biennial under the direction of their artistic directors, the composers Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris, and will have a decisive influence on the artistic direction of the festival.


Curatorial Team / Mentor’s Team

  • Kung, Chi-shing, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
  • Manos Tsangaris, Co-Artistic Director, Munich Biennial for New Music Theatre
  • Isabel Mundry, Zurich University of the Arts
  • Nuria Krämer, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich (only Hong Kong platform)
  • Patrick Müller, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich


Participating Artists 

  • Nadim Abas, Visual Artist (Hong Kong)
  • Wilmer Chen, Composer (Hong Kong)
  • Eisa Jockson, performer (Philippines)
  • Lam, Lai, Composer (Hong Kong)
  • Vanissa Law, Composer (Hong Kong)
  • Fiona Lee, Sound Artist (Hong Kong)
  • Alex Yiu, Composer (Hong Kong)

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About Munich Biennale of New Music Theater

Established in 1988 by Hans Werner Henze, the Munich Biennial is the only festival in the world dedicated to the exclusive world premieres of new music theatre works. It concentrates on world premieres of theatre-related contemporary music, with a particular focus on commissioning first operas from young composers. Past biennials opened up a multitude of opportunities for young composers to test themselves and their artistic ambitions at the highest level. In 2016, Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers, the Director of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich, passed the torch to Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris as co-artistic directors.


Cooperation partners / Co-Producers

  • Münchner Biennale für neues Musiktheater (Munich Biennial for New Music Theatre)
  • Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich / Zurich University of the Arts
  • Goethe-Institut Hong Kong


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